11 thoughts on “First Blood: Wonkette blog unleashes profanity-filled screed at Sen. Inhofe, skeptics over Oklahoma tornado”

  1. Flaming assholes cry, sob and make a scene, whether online or anywhere else far removed from a tragedy (like mommy’s basement). They need to feel important, while the important people are busy saving other important people from the rubble.

  2. Let’s hope that the folks commenting at the Wonkette blog solve the mystery of how a tornado found its way into an area named “Tornado Alley”. Science is just too hard for some people.

  3. As horrifying as live 24 hour cable news has made tragedies such as this, the death count has not even placed this tornado into the top 25 yet. I say yet, because they say up to 40 more than the current 51 may be added to the current death toll. Until they get to 80, they haven’t even cracked the “25 deadliest” though. But that’s no excuse not to dance on the graves of children, is it?

  4. They use the SAME tactic on “Guns”, I call it “Spider Eye”…

    They wait, tensed at the center of the web, eyes wide open in an infinite stare, brains trolling through the menu items, waiting for a meal to land..

    … and, when it does, whatever it is, they POUNCE on it, invenomate, and sup from the slushy goodness…

  5. Appalling is too kind of a word. These people underscore the utter hatred they have for humanity. But let them spew and show themselves for what they are – pathetic leaches on society.

  6. Liberals and greeies smacking their lips ove other peoples tragedy. Why am I not surprised? It is so sad.

  7. I love that he includes a tweet with a Biblical quote–how Christian of him. Well, except for the scathing language and hate filled post.
    The MSM noted that a tornado hit the area in 1999 with the highest recorded winds–perhaps he missed that detail. Then there was Xenia, Ohio, and the super-outbreaks in virtually every decade. These people just show how completely ignorant they are.

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