2 thoughts on “House bill would create Science Laureate of the U.S. — so Obama could appoint Hansen?”

  1. Science Laureate would probably be appropriate for Hansen. Much like a Poet Laureate he is well recognized for his descriptions of things as he feels they are with colorful language and metaphors. “Odes to the Atmosphere” as it were.

  2. Considering how some of these prizes have been awarded, I’d sure nix this. My gosh, diluting prestigious awards could result in a Nobel Prize going to someone who has been a chief of state for less than a year. Who knows — such a recipient could go on to bomb another country or use remote weapons to attack freedom fighters or even expand a conflict without actually improving the tactical situation. If you gave a prestige award to an unworthy person, that person might exploit arcane commercial rules and sell a TV channel with no viewers to an authoritarian government with interests in fighting the green agenda. Heck, you could even get the recipient of such an award, maybe in an area like Economics, who believes he or she is now an expert in some unrelated area, like climate science.
    We’d hate to see developments like that.

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