This is crazy — Eco-psychiatry

Nature Deficit Disorder. “Climate refugees” with PTSD. Solastalgia, or grief for the changes in one’s home environment (in contrast to the nostalgia of leaving home).

Read “Eco-Psychiatry: Why We Need to Keep the Environment in Mind” in the Psychiatric Times”.

9 thoughts on “This is crazy — Eco-psychiatry”

  1. The “nut-doctors” have been as messed up as their patients for decades.

    It’s doubtful people understand, or at least enough to care. People seem sold on “it’s not my fault, give me a pill”. It’s everywhere–fix your life with drugs. And yes, this is how a government can gain control of the population. For years I thought this was against the will of the people, but now I think apathy and laziness lead to the people wanting simple answers and all those who disagree or cause any kind of emotional discomfort to be banished. None of these apathetic people think they could ever become the vanquished.

  2. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING????!??!?!?!

    Two possibilities,…..
    1) The nut-doctors have become NUTS!
    2) The CDC, AMA, APA, and WHO… are gearing up for “Obamacare”!

    That is one of the ways in which the Soviets dealt with dissent. Classify them as nuts and “put them in the hospital”…..

    I sincerely hope there are people who understand what is happening…

  3. Most of the article is a bunch of crap. Just more BS to scare the uninformed/uneducated. The ony thing I do agree with is that people should get outside more, humans need vitamin D, which we get from the sun. Children do need to experience nature – watch birds fly, learn the difference in cloud formations – none of this can be accomplished sitting in front of a TV or any other kind of devise. That said, get out and smell the roses.

  4. What do you expect from a “science” that now defines grieving more than two weeks over the death of your five-year-old in a car accident “a major depressive episode”? Same goes for any death of any loved one. You’re not grieving after two weeks, you’re mentally ill.
    Welcome to Brave New World.

  5. There certainly is some truth in PTSD following major disruption in lives caused by natural disasters. But that would be no different than PTSD caused by other traumas. Beyond that their arguments fall flat. Do they really think that people will experience trauma, or even sense a temperature rise of 0.5C during a lifetime? Or an increase or decrease of 20% in precipitation over a lifetime? What they miss- and it is huge- is the affect of fear-mongering on people. All the bogus manipulative scares of human history obviously have affected people- they burned witches-hid under desks when planes flew over-refused to go outside during flu scares-and killed millions of those who “threatened” their culture. By buying into the climate scare they do more harm to folks then any minor and questionable- and humanly imperceptible-change in atmospheric variables.

  6. I’ve long practiced my own form of eco-therapy. I’ve suspended myself over water and flailed the water with colored weights while muttering psyche soothing incantations. I was quite depressed yesterday when the climate prevented my from a therapy session. Luckily, I was able to spend some time in a cathedral dedicated to eco-therapy, where I was allowed to make donations in exchange for the latest water flail equipment personally blessed by the high priests.

    Eco-psychiartry, especially attuned to climate change, those in the paths of natural events. Sounds like a charlatan looking for a way to increase the take. pfiddle.

  7. I can see how this might help explain the Western European situation. They run the place like a museum. Stasis is considered a ‘good compromise’ with modern times, while the past is idealized and mourned for its passing. So I’d say, yeah, solastalgia is a genuine derangement.

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