6 thoughts on “Historian likens importance of climate change to nuclear war”

  1. Most historical religions have been based on storm gods and gods who controlled nature. So, what’s really different with the religion of climate change? If we make the right sacrifices the climate gods will reward us with a static climate?
    Making climate change the moral equivalent of global nuclear war is sophomoric twaddle that you’d believe any thinking person would ignore. However, generals, especially the 4-star kind, got there by being political animals and planning for climate wars increases budgets, staffing and nice tidy jobs for high ranking folks who would otherwise have to go find honest work.
    Military planning is a good thing. It gives you a head start if it is needed for the real thing. In the 1930’s, the US military had sets of plans for various scenarios for war in Europe called the Rainbow Plans. One of those plans was a war against England with Germany as an ally. I wouldn’t put great stock in long range, blue sky military plans.

  2. We had something way too close to total ware in the 20th C, twice in fact. That led to nuclear weapons, which in turn helped prevent the kind of wars that had killed something like 100 million people. Still too many wars, too many deaths, but better than the first half of the century.
    In comparison, climate change — if it’s done anything — may have intensified some flooding and drought. That, in turn, may have increased some suffering compared to the baseline of flood and drought. Even that harm is too vague to prove with any rigor.
    Climate change “action”, however, has been hard on eagles and on villagers in Africa where land has been used to “neutralize” the carbon signature of people like Al Gore. Climate “action” has done more definable harm that climate change by orders of magnitude.

  3. The Military always takes any scenario seriously for advanced war planning, that’s their job. Getting caught off guard would be the end of some high placed generals.
    If serious, honest climate science can get back to real science, we’ll see what the truth is. I have my doubts that will ever happen.

  4. Well, you had global sinfulness would earn the wrath of Heaven and the reign of Satan. Then it was A-bombs gonna finish everything. Now it’s the CO2 Planetary Bake of Doom. Is this progress?

  5. It’s a real laugher you know. When we don’t talk about the climate change that has taken place over the last 1000 years, except for as it has to do with the last 100-150 years, so why would we be discussing the present climate change a thousand years from now. The Flatearthers (man made global climate change believers) never can see the problem with their arguments. Climate changes, always has, always will.

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