NYTimes columnist Friedman blames conflict in Syria on global warming

Cap-and-trade would have made it rain in Syria?

Tom Friedman writes:

This Syrian disaster is like a superstorm. It’s what happens when an extreme weather event, the worst drought in Syria’s modern history, combines with a fast-growing population and a repressive and corrupt regime and unleashes extreme sectarian and religious passions, fueled by money from rival outside powers — Iran and Hezbollah on one side, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar on the other, each of which have an extreme interest in its Syrian allies’ defeating the other’s allies — all at a time when America, in its post-Iraq/Afghanistan phase, is extremely wary of getting involved. [Emphasis added]

“Extreme weather” is code for global warming.

7 thoughts on “NYTimes columnist Friedman blames conflict in Syria on global warming”

  1. What do you mean. It is Arab Spring. If El Quada ends up ruling who cares, it is the thought that counts.

  2. The conflict in Syria is essentially between two potential oppressors; the people of Syria will be about as badly off under one as the other. Economic problems in Syria are primarily because of the current oppressors and they will probably remain under whatever regime comes out after the civil war. Climate is no player.
    Friedman’s credibility here is about what he has earned.

  3. They push him as the smart one, pretty pathetic I must say. Hasn’t he noticed that muslims like to kill, doesn’t matter who. This is a battle of muzztard vs muzztard.

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