4 thoughts on “Paul Ehrlich calls Sen. Inhofe a ‘genuine moron’”

  1. Because most of the people who invalidated them 40 years ago are mostly dead and apparently the people who now pass as scientists have been dumbed down so much by the education system he thinks his theories will be validated.

  2. Is that the same Paul Ehrlich whose theories and predictions were totally invalidated 40 years ago? If so, why is anyone paying attention to him now?

  3. This guy has severe mental-emotional problems. I really doubt that he could pass a grade school arithmetic test. He is very sad, too bad I can’t laugh about, or at, him. VERY, VERY SAD.

  4. “Paul Ehrlich calls Sen. Inhofe a ‘genuine moron’”

    Well, he would know.

    Paul Ehrlich: Battling the Stopped Clock theorem for over 40 years.

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