Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich: ‘Oil barons part of the biggest criminal conspiracy on Earth’

The alarmists seem to forget that much of the oil industry supported cap-and-trade, and now some have voiced support for a carbon tax. If only there were “oil barons” who would band together against the like of Ehrlich…

Even though Paul Ehrlich blocked @JunkScience from following his Twitter feed, Ehrlich tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 10.05.35 PM

Click here for the nutty article serving as the basis for Ehrlich’s tweet.

4 thoughts on “Population Bomb-er Paul Ehrlich: ‘Oil barons part of the biggest criminal conspiracy on Earth’”

  1. Actually, the catastrophists, lead by Ehrlich in the 60’s, are the greatest criminal conspiracy in human history. Two generations have been raised in fear of a beautiful planet, indoctrinated against the human race, been made to feel “guilt” about all the wonderful innovations created by man, and taught that government is more important than the individual. All of his early predictions have proved to be false, yet he persists. One would think he would be happy to crawl into a comfortable hole and shut up. Instead he leaves a huge carbon footprint cavorting around the world spewing nonsense.

  2. Given his strong beliefs and presumed honesty (vs being part of the criminal conspiracy) has Mr Ehrlich driven a car, used electricity, flown in airplanes, heated his home, cooked his food, etc. Or is he a total phony who enjoys all of the benefits of fossil fuels while trying to dent those benefits to everyone else?

  3. If the oil royalty has barons, do we have to worry more about about the Duke of Oil? The article was absolute gibberish, just the kind of stuff Ehrlich would support.

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