Snow possible over Memorial Day weekend in Northeastern states

“And said it could even get cold enough to see snow at higher altitudes in northern New York, northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire and northern Maine.”


FLASHBACK: “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.”

3 thoughts on “Snow possible over Memorial Day weekend in Northeastern states”

  1. Piers Corbyn, forecasted this snow at the end of April based on the sun and the moon. When I saw it I said it looked like he was going out on a limb but it happened just as he said. Kind of leads one to believe the Sun controls our climate and weather. So much for CO2 scam.

  2. My AC went on the fritz. Great timing since I don’t need the AC! There is a silver lining in this global warming cloud.

  3. Been forecasted by since Wednesday. Tweeted numerous times publicly also. Probably already snowing down to 3k, but real fun and games sat and sat night

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