Obama’s Agenda 21 point man: Obscure White House sustainability chief wields vast powers

“[Jon] Powers also leads the interagency Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability, which includes a “sustainability officer” from every executive agency in the government.”

Ron Arnold reports:

Who is Jon Powers? That’s not a spoof on “Atlas Shrugged,” which begins with “Who is John Galt?” — but a serious question about one of the more obscure power brokers in the Executive Office of the President.

Powers is a former U.S. Army officer who was appointed last year by President Obama to a position with the improbable title of federal environmental executive…

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Agenda 21 point man: Obscure White House sustainability chief wields vast powers”

  1. Congress NEVER approved Agenda 21! It was (and is) being imposed by treaties and unconstitutional executive orders, the principles of which are being spread to idiotic, soul-selling local government leaders by groups like ICLEI, the American Planning Association, and “Sustainable New Jersey.”

    William Jefferson Clinton: Executive Order #12852 establishing the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development.”

    Barack Hussein Obama: Executive Order #13575 establishing the “White House Rural Council.”

    Barack Hussein Obama: Executive Order (can’t find the number) establishing the “White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2).”

    Take note that the second term strategies of the Obama Administration include “. . . imposing Chicago-style regionalism to destroy suburbs through Building One America (BOA) . . . in terms of abolishing property rights and constructing Chicago-style projects centered on railroad stations . . . continued implementation of the stealth objective of United Nations Agenda 21, cramming the people into apartment buildings. The enviro-nazis love this agenda because it undercuts the family unit by not allowing living space for kids in a traditional American environment. It thus undercuts further the social fabric, discouraging marriage and reproduction, and thus aiding their holiest satanic goal, population reduction.” ~Ron Kilmartin, “Obama’s Second Term,” American Thinker, (Wednesday, November 10, 2012).


    Of course, it was George Herbert Walker “a thousand pints of Lite” Bush that began this process in America when he signed the Rio Accords in 1992.

    Don’t blame Congress, except only for the fact that they permit the Executive Branch to defile the original intent of executive orders, which is to only enforce established laws, as opposed to making them.

  2. Well you can gripe about this Obama guy, but, please, remember, it waqs (and is) Congress! that enabled such a position. We need to focus on getting rid (I know, rots luck) of many of these House & Senate people. Can you really blame Obama for taking advantage of the opportunity to appoint a guy like this? C’mon.

  3. This sounds so much like the Political Officer that is a part of Chinese and former Soviet military units. They had/ have the power to override military decisions. Many thousands have died because of the “expertise” of these powerful overseers.

  4. Back when “liberal” was more like libertarian, I sort of was one. I thought that racial hatred and criminal sanctions against sex were bad ideas. Now that “liberal” means the nanny state, I’m conservative.
    When “sustainable” actually meant doing things with efficiency and good stewardship, I was a fan. Now that “sustainable” is cover-speak for watermelon nanny-statism, I’m sorry to see the word used so badly.

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