6 thoughts on “Atmosphere finally hits 400.17 ppm CO2 on revised May 13 readings”

  1. As CO2 increases in the atm. its ability to contribute to radiative heating and cooling becomes progressively saturated. It may now have nearly reached this saturation level, which makes further increases less important.

  2. – actually I made a comment on that page 8 hours ago asking them to confirm that this is officially the first crossing of the 400ppm line from either of the 2 official records Keeling/Scripps & NOAA due to all the others having being corrected downwards
    I got “your post is pending moderation” ..do you see it ?
    I see the alarmists comment did get posted

  3. Yes it’s there
    .. “is the first ever official daily average above 400ppm from the Mauna Loa from either of the two bodies Keeling/Scripps or NOAA ?”
    – with reply : “Robert Monroe says:May 17, 2013 at 9:35 am

  4. I’ve been trying to find that answer to this question, perhaps someone here can help; Exactly what percentage of the increase in CO2 is directly related to human causes?
    I’ve read articles suggesting 100% (silly) to as little as 6%. Is there a reliable number?

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