John Kerry: Climate change ‘challenge to all of us of life and death proportions’

You mean like that Benghazi thing?

Kerry said in Sweden:

I also want to say that we appreciate Sweden’s partnership because these challenges in Europe and North Africa and Central Asia simply do not belong to one nation; they’re shared by all of us and they affect all of us. And at the top of that list of shared challenges which does not get enough attention, and it’s one of the principal reasons that I came here today to share bilateral meetings with the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister but also will travel on to Kiruna to take part in the Arctic Council, a principal challenge to all of us of life and death proportions is the challenge of climate change. It is not a challenge that can be solved by any one nation, and in our discussions with the Prime Minister he pointed out to me that, in fact, Sweden’s contribution to the problem of – to the problem of climate change is a tiny point percentage of the total problem. And yet Sweden’s contribution to the solution is much more significant than anything that might be expected because of the level of its own contribution to the problem. So Sweden is way ahead of the curve.

3 thoughts on “John Kerry: Climate change ‘challenge to all of us of life and death proportions’”

  1. Sweden, of all countries on the Globe as an example! News were around recently that “climate anxiety” is the illness in vogue among young people in Sweden. The official reason is, it is told, the insufficient climate actions taken by politicians. The true reason, though, is the flood of bulls**t in the Swedish media promising
    “I hear hurricanes ablowing.
    I know the end is coming soon.
    I fear rivers over flowing.
    I hear the voice of rage and ruin.” (John C. Fogerty)
    None of this seems to happen any more than usual, but that does not bother the local climate prophets. Schools in Scandinavia happily use Mann’s hockey stick curve in their teaching, and so on.
    About CCR: Berkeley Gazette carried a short note in 1968 about ” a promising young rock group residing on Ninth Street (or thereabout; it is 55 years since!). They call themselves Credence Clearwater Revival and they are predicted a bright future. “. Had one had any kind of nose for investing, buying up e.g. 10000 pcs of the paper and selling them today or anywhere along the road for, say, 15000 USD apiece would have made a neat addition of cash. Well, even a more realistic 100 USD apiece wouldn’t be bad.

  2. There are a lot of reasons I voted for GW Bush and a LOT of reasons I voted against John Kerry. What happened to Massachusetts and why must the rest of us put up with it?

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