Dead-ender Michael Mann: ‘Too early to rule out a link between climate change and powerful twisters’

The other warmist rats have deserted the climate-tornado ship… including the IPCC.

E&E Daily reports:

Yet Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann indicated in an emailed statement that it is too early to rule out a link between climate change and powerful twisters.

The National Guard and firefighters work through the night searching through rubble of buildings and homes in Moore, Okla., for people trapped beneath. Photo by Sgt. Kendall James, courtesy of the Oklahoma National Guard.

Climate change is likely to increase a quantity called “convective available potential energy,” or CAPE, which is a measure of how much energy is in the atmosphere to drive a storm, he said. Mann added that it compares to the amount of moist energy in the atmosphere.

Climate change also may increase clashing between cold air masses from the north with warmer, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico, a condition that helps fuel destructive storms, he said. The wild card — and unknown factor — is how rising temperatures will influence lateral wind shear, another key storm ingredient.

“But if one factor is likely to be favorable, and the other is a wildcard, it’s still more likely that the product of the two factors will be favorable,” Mann said. “Thus, if you’re a betting person — or the insurance or reinsurance industry for that matter — you’d probably go with a prediction of greater frequency and intensity of tornadoes as a result of human-caused climate change.”

Click for the IPCC retreat.

4 thoughts on “Dead-ender Michael Mann: ‘Too early to rule out a link between climate change and powerful twisters’”

  1. Fraudulent science, no statue of limitations.

    All global warming mannipulators share the same trait, their rants are not an appeal to common sense, but proof to a future judge proving their extremist climate beliefs clouding their judgement.

    Btw, where’s comrade Hansen, surely the tornado is the work of the tar sands, the black devil blowing a deadly wind.

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