Joe Bastardi responds to dead-ender Michael Mann on climate-tornado link

In response to dead-ender Michael Mann, meteorologist Joe Bastardi offers a pic worth a thousands words — and a few words of his own…

Do these people ever actually look? If so, why do they say what they do. This is not rocket science


8 thoughts on “Joe Bastardi responds to dead-ender Michael Mann on climate-tornado link”

  1. Thank you erkforby, handn’t a clue either. Still going to have to look that up to be clear.

  2. Some Please email this to the senate and house leadership before they go full retard. My representatives get an ear full daily from me.

  3. You’re right, glenncz. The gulf temperatures are below normal for this time of year. It was cold dry air from Canada clashing with warmer moist air from the Gulf that caused the instability that triggered the supercells and rotational forces. The tornado outbreak had nothing to do with “climate change.” That’s pure alarmist buncombe.

  4. And they are saying it’s because of a warm Gulf sending hot, moist air north. Yet, the Gulf sea temperatures are below normal and the water close to shore is “ice-cold”.

  5. My comment applies to no one person in particular, just those that seem unaware of the link that is plain to see

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