Food nanny Marion Nestle silent on blockbuster salt report

It’s been more than a week, Marion. I guess we know what you mean by “Food Politics.”

The Institute of Medicine report exposing the lack of evidence supporting food nanny calls to reduce sodium to 1500 mg was issued on May 14.

The American Heart Association responded defiantly.

Initially defiant, the food police at the Center for Science in the Public Interest inadvertently admitted its calls for dramatic dietary sodium reduction are supported by no scientific evidence.

The UK anti-salt groups World Action on Salt & Health and Coalition Action on Salt & Health initially ducked the report.

More than a week after the report, food nanny Marion Nestle has remained silent. Does that mean the report didn’t happen?

Her blog’s last entry involving salt dates back to March 23… something about food companies acting ethically.

Possibly she ought to be silent on ethics, instead?

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