BBC Laugher: Less warming may cause more damage

From BBC Radio’s Today program.

The BBC’s Roger Harrabin reports:

So it is possible that the climate would warm less than predicted, but the effects of the warming at a low level might be greater than predicted.

The clip begins at about 1:39:40 into the program.

14 thoughts on “BBC Laugher: Less warming may cause more damage”

  1. You beat me to it, Denny. Can you imagine how disastrous global cooling might then be? I wonder what these morons will do and say if temperatures start to go south over the course of the next few decades. Will they demand that solar panels be disconnected, wind farms be taken offline and sequestered CO2 be released into the atmosphere?

  2. The Little Ice Age was one of the worst global disasters during the Holocene as shown by a new book:
    Global crisis war, climate change and catastrophe in the seventeenth century
    Parker, Geoffrey
    New Haven : Yale University Press ©2013

  3. Harrabin has a vested interest in the AGW scam. Remember his under the counter payment of £15,000 to form a BBC pressure group to promote CAGW. BBC have failed to answer any questions about this deal with UEA.

  4. It’s pathetic. Do these idiots seriously think that anyone, apart from their cronies, believe a word they say any more?
    I can’t even imagine how they, or anyone else for that matter, can have the shameless effrontery to continue spouting such utter drivel, in the face of all the evidence there now is which disproves their unfounded theories.

  5. And extrapolating, no warming at all would cause the most damage. I guess that makes sense because, since the climate has always continuously changed, the only sure indication of human interference would be “global staying the same”.

  6. The fact that the earth is neither warming nor cooling right now can only mean one thing — global warming and global cooling are duking it out in a ferocious battle for climate supremacy. This is very, very, scary. Unlimited funds should be released immediately to deal with this imminent, clear, and present danger.

  7. Roger Harrabin – what a nonce! His pal Richard Black seems to have faded into obscurity so maybe Harrabin will too……

    Really the BBC owes it to us Brits to become impartial. Wake up BBC!

  8. Seems to me that the CO@ > global warming > climate change > weird weather > CO2 > global warming…. cycle of headlines is now on lap 2. Naturally the leftie biased BBC never invites Piers Corbyn to participate. His medium range forecasts far out-perform the £multi-million funded Met Office, but his outspoken remarks on the new religion almost certainly mean he is persona non grata (presumption on my part). Follow him on Twitter: @Piers_Corbyn

  9. Its the same with all religions that believe in the ‘end times’. When the end doesn’t happen, its because god was testing their faith…They have to believe their priesthood, because the priesthood gives them warm reasuurance, like mothers love. Its sad to see, as they are basically very insecure

  10. Amazing how these people can twist things to the point that no matter what happens they have come up with the right prediction.

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