Hansen: Stall in global warming a ‘diversionary tactic’ from ‘deniers’

“Suggestions that global warming has stalled are a “diversionary tactic” from “deniers” who want the public to be confused over climate change, according to the world’s best-known climate scientist. Prof James Hansen.”

Read more at The Guardian.

5 thoughts on “Hansen: Stall in global warming a ‘diversionary tactic’ from ‘deniers’”

  1. Hansen is another one of those who “Have learned more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.”

  2. “…the world’s best-known climate scientist. Prof James Hansen…” And Charles Ponzi was the world’s best-known salesman.

  3. From that same article in The Grauniad:

    “Climate is a complicated system but there is no change at all in our understanding of climate sensitivity [to carbon dioxide] and where the climate is headed,” he said. “Our understanding of sensitivity is based on the Earth’s history, not on climate models, and we have good data on how the Earth responded in the past when carbon dioxide changed. So there is no reason to change the forecast for the long term.” On 9 May, a new study of lake sediments from a remote meteorite crater in Siberia showed temperatures in the region were 8C higher the last time CO2 levels were as high as they are today. Last week, atmospheric CO2 concentrations reached the milestone 400 parts per million, for the first time in millions of years.

    Okay, then. If the planet’s climate is so frelkin’ sensitive to atmospheric CO2 concentrations that “the last time CO2 levels were as high as they are today”</i the sediment proxies upon which the credulous depend for the allegedly historical validity of their conjectures had demonstrated that “temperatures in the region were 8 [degrees Centigrade]” higher than they are today.

    So how come temperatures in that same region today are 8 degrees Centigrade lower than they were when those sediment depositions were being laid down?

    Calling critters like Hansen “scientists” is rather too much like calling Sid the Science Kid a show about scientific method.

  4. Wow, we “deniers” seem to have powers that even the ICC can’t manage. After all, their ideas would reduce global temps only a fraction of a degree over decades.

    Merely by “denying”, we’ve managed to stop GW completely, even in the actual temperatures measured! Behold the POWER OF DENIAL!!!

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