Hansen admits: Sun important in climate change

Hansen notes that solar brightness has decreased and the effects are “not negligible.”

[You can’t expect global temperature to increase at a constant rate because] there’s too much natural variability. There are otehr forcing factors. It’s not only CO2 that’s changed. The sun’s brightness changed, ah decreased slightly over the last 10 years, about 0.1 watt/m2. That’s not as large as the climate forcing that you get from CO2, but it’s not negligible.

Hansen’s BBC interview begins at 2:23:49 into the program.

3 thoughts on “Hansen admits: Sun important in climate change”

  1. It is interesting to note, when life formed on this planet, the sun was only producing about 70% of its current energy – per people who claim to know, but earths temperature was about the same as today. There are many factors involved in the earth regulating its temperature. I would not be surprised if there were a slight CO2 effect, but all this hysterical CO2 is the primary driver, and will result in catastrophic global warming, when it is weakest of all greenhouse gasses, has got to be bunk.

  2. Wait – it’s the Sun? The giant, unregulated, fission reactor 96 million miles away may have something to do with climate? Who’d of thought?

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