4 thoughts on “Obama on climate change: ‘The politics of this are tough’”

  1. He admits paying $40 to fill up must seem scary. I spend more than £80 to fill up in England (currently £1.36/litre = $7.82/gal). As Delingpole says, “I have seen your future”.

  2. $40? To fill up what and where? I live where gasoline and the associated taxes are among the lowest in the US. An empty tank would cost me 16 gals @ $3.36 some $53.76, so I’d need to keep the amount purchased under 12.0 gallons to be ‘scared’ by spending $40 on gas.

    What is scary is that there is no economic reason why we pay what we do nor import as much as we do, other than stupid policies promulgated by governments.

  3. With an 18-gal tank, your car, like mine, is a politically incorrect one, so he could not mention it. I suppose $40 is a realistic number associated with a more “sustainable” European or Asian import.

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