4 thoughts on “Rise in ADHD cases is due to marketing”

  1. It sells Ritalin. And like the shoddy nursing homes they can keep all of their subjects in a drug stupr so the don’t have to deal with them.

  2. I went to elementary school in the ’50s. It’s amazing that we survived. And learned. Back before, as John Rosemond puts it, we unlearned what worked.

  3. The problem is more in diagnosing a symptom as a disorder and pushing for a medical solution instead of a practical one. The old way of more discipline and more recess works much better than medication. You can’t expect 6 year olds to sit inside in class all day and be productive. You can expect them to sit still if they know that recess is in half an hour and speaking out of turn will cause them to lose it. Instead, kids are forced to sit the whole day learning how to bubble scantrons, and some kids who won’t even be sent to detention for bringing a gun to school because it would hurt his psyche. (I wish I could say that was hypothetical instead of my wife’s first hand experience)

    Now, I’m not saying that medication is never the answer, but it should be the last resort, not the first.

    Ask any waiter about kids at Sunday lunch. After being good and quiet at church, the first thing they want to do is run around.

  4. I usually translate “xxxx has ADHD/Bipolar Disorder/whatever” as “We don’t have a clue so we’ll have to call it something popular to protect our fancy(lucrative) titles”.

    Psychotherapy is still in the Dark Ages.

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