8 thoughts on “Climate Ethics Prof: ‘U.S. emissions in Pennsylvania are causing floods in other areas’”

  1. Don Brown reminds me of a precocious 3-year old, who having heard or read a few factoids that he has neither the experience nor the maturity to understand, extends, with meticulous logic those factoids to reach a conclusion that is naive and risible.

  2. Unjustifiable use of energy? Energy is an economic commodity. Everyone uses it and we all pay for it. It isn’t “society’s” energy, it’s a resource to be produced, sold and used like food, clothing, education or housing.
    I don’t need to justify my use of things I buy with my own resources. Certainly not to this clown.

  3. Prof. Brown seems to have forgotten that 40 years ago we were “worried” about global cooling…he’s probably also been a “nuclear winter ethicist.”

  4. This guy is fishing for a nice fat ‘consulting fee’ in support of plaintiff attorneys filing huge lawsuits against energy providers. In other words, the good professor is a parasite’s parsite.

  5. How does one become an “expert” on “climate change ethics”? Self-proclamation? The ethical argument is climate change is something to be feared, the US is bad because we alone are responsible for causing the climate to change and only if we make the proper sacrifices will we satisfy the gods and the climate will stop changing? BTW, what the heck is climate change ethics, anyway?

  6. Since energy costs money, it will nearly always be used with justification, therefore there will be nearly no energy use subject to demonization. There, fixed it.

  7. Prof of envrionmental ethics at Penn State… one of Mann’s cronies! Place must be turning out socialists by the truckload.

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