5 thoughts on “Federal judge stops fracking on California public land: Obama admin failed to assess impacts before issuing leases”

  1. The defit – revenue problem would be eased if the Federal and state governements eased up regulations on all businesses. Some states like CA are nuts. The Carls Jr dude who runs Carls, pointed out last year that it takes 6 months to a year to open a new Carls Jr Restarant in CA, and it takes only 6 weeks in Texas. All the regulations and paperwork, and fees to a California start up prevent people from even trying.

    So, your statement is correct for what it is, but it isn’t just the energy they should let up on. It is all business.

  2. We have a spending problem and a deficit problem. The deficit problem would be eased by the federal government’s royalties from energy development. It would also be eased by the federal government’s revenues from royalties on energy development on private lands and from profits by energy companies.
    Cheap energy would foster more employment, reducing our spending problem, and would also generate wealth and profits and tax revenues, easing the deficit problem.
    So of course Obama and the Enablers are doing everything they can to choke off the revenue they say they need. Even to the point of encouraging this kind of lawsuit. After all, the costs will come from the deficit spending, not from the pockets of Obama or the EPA’s staff directly.
    I dunno if it’s really a plan to damage our nation or if the damage stems from wilfull blindness. Obama’s policies ain’t all la-la thinking and stupid, although they are big chunks of the problem.

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