16 thoughts on “PETA Plans to Fly Drones That Would ‘Stalk Hunters’”

  1. I agree that many hunters/shooters are going to regard the drone as a target. Witness how many signs have been perforated all over the countryside. Responsible hunters will leave the things alone.
    I wonder how they figure out where to fly the things? Hunting is a very wide open activity–do they just pick places at random? Actually, maybe they could fly over my land and get photos of the trespassers? At least that would be helpful.

  2. I understand the urge to let fly — but we should take the high ground.
    I’d love to see Jim Sweet’s NRA drones battle the PETA drones too.

  3. I doubt that most hunters would be as reflective and tolerant as MT. I don’t hunt any longer, but I would be inclined to regard a PETA drone as a target of opportunity.

  4. Heh, als0, the NRA should acquire some anti-hunter-harassment drones of it’s own. I think I see a hit reality show in here somewhere.

  5. Well put, MT. I’d suggest that hunters carry appropriate greeting placards to display to their PETA observers.

    In any event, I’s also think that state legislatures need to get to work and toughen up those anti-harassment and/or invasion of privacy laws.

  6. “The eye cannot commit a trespass.” That’s a long-standing principle of common law. If an event happens in the open, it is essentially public. If it happens on public land, all the more so. I think PETA’s a gang of idiots but I also think they would be operating within the law if they have permits to do this.
    If there are laws to prevent harassment of hunters, then those laws would be applicable. In that case, a hunter might be justified in downing the drone to hand to the authorities with a complaint to investigate.
    There are private-property laws that would protect areas like ranches but they depend on the altitude of the drone to a large degree. In fairness, if a drone is low enough to shoot at, it’s almost certainly too low for the common-law right of passage to kick in (people are not allowed to fly a plane across your lawn at 300 feet).
    If PETA operates the drones in a lawful way, which is unlikely given their history, then hunters are obliged to leave them alone. One could make a friendly wave at them, though, with whatever gesture one thought appropriate.

  7. So what kind of laser pointer should I carry to blind the drone with – were I of the mind to blind the drone with a laser pointer?

  8. don’t think there’ll be much left except some splinters. Dumbest idea ever, but hey it’s their dime. Beats clayshooting anyday

  9. Further thought means that I would have to restrain Bo from retrieving Ingrid E. Newkink’s “Octocopter” after it hit the water, and before it slept with the octopi.

  10. Nothing an 870 Wingmaster with 1 three-inch high-brass couldn’t handle from the sneak box.

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