6 thoughts on “Sen. Boxer rants on global warming while showing photo of Chinese air pollution — but CO2 is invisible!”

  1. As a Californian, I’m definitely ashamed that we have one of the dumbest bozos in the Senate (now that Biden’s out) as one of our Senators. Sigh.

  2. Mizz Boxer wouldn’t know a magazine if she sat on a Pmag, either.

    Colossally ignorant people making rules for us.

  3. Barbara Boxer has about the same chance of being right that a blind pig does of finding an acorn–maybe once in a blue moon. Better luck next month Babs.

  4. The image may also have some mist or fog going on. Many of the murkiest days I knew in LA had a mix of smog and mist.
    db is correct about the solar production displacing electricity that would normally be produced with cleaner tech than China uses, of course, except it displaces verrrry little of it. So really the Chinese are getting emphysema for no real result and probably a net environmental loss.

  5. Unfortunately, most of the energy used to produce solar panels (and much of the energy used to produce wind turbines) came from soot-belching, coal-fired power plants in China, and most of the energy replaced by these devices would have been produced in clean power plants with state-of-the-art “scrubbers” in North America, Europe & Australia.

    So, Chinese workers get emphysema, American workers get to collect unemployment, and American & European greens get to feel self-righteous. What a deal.

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