‘Ecosocialist’ conference: ‘Capitalism is trying to kill the planet, but the people are rising up’

Au contraire, mon camarade: if anything, capitalism has saved the planet.

From the SocialistWorker:

Among them was the first featured speaker, Jill Stein, the Greens’ presidential candidate in 2012. “This is an incredible outpouring of support of those not going forward with Obama, but forward with the 99 Percent for system change and fundamental justice,” she said. “Capitalism is trying to kill the planet, but the people are rising up.”

Her remarks reflected the view of many participants that organizers of the February 17 mass demonstration had weakened the protest’s impact by presenting it as an expression of support for Obama, echoing his “forward” and “clean energy” slogans, for example. As several speakers noted, the Democratic administration now seems very likely to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

The February 17 action thus showed both the power of environmental protest and the futility of relying on the Democrats. As Jill Stein said, “The demonstration told Obama, ‘We’ve got your back,’ and then he stabbed us in the back.”

5 thoughts on “‘Ecosocialist’ conference: ‘Capitalism is trying to kill the planet, but the people are rising up’”

  1. the amount of educational stupidity and ignorance is massive
    Ask anyone you meet to define: capitalism, socialism, and communism in classical Marxist terms. Inevitably they’ll define capitalism in terms of mercantilism as practiced by the Robber Barons and not know the difference. Today we call it crony capitalism – an oxymoron.

  2. It’s government regulation in response to to ecoscares that are killing us.
    Socialist are stupid enough to think if they give away enough of everyone s freedom they will be safe. Too much power in any one groups hands, is dangerous. How many people froze to death because Britians government push for green energy to stop Global Warming. Stupid is as stupid does.If you can keep Business and government out of each others pocket the private sector will succeed by filling legitimate needs, not politicaly correct ones.

  3. CAPITALISM… is the ONLY thing that can save the “planet” (humanity, hubris and all) at this point.

    Unfortunately, there is a really long slog, fully uphill in the mud and drenching rain to get the dummies to actually understand WHAT it is, how it works, and then shift their weight in the correct direction.

    They’re stilling thinking if its an exchange of monetary units, its “CAPITALISM”…


    They have the schools and the “Colleges”, they’re punching out Socialist and Socialesques like wooden nickles…. only a few survive with their intellect intact after K-12, +4, and maybe +4 more… those are supposed to be the smart people we can trust, and THEIR the ones promoting a larger, more controlling form of semi-benign Fascism as legitimate government!

    The ONLY thing I believe the eco-freaks might be right about, is that the water is tainted with pollution of some kind…. I TOTALLY BELIEVE somebody must have tainted it with LSD or some form of slow-blow hallucinogen that warped the minds of a whole generation or two and caused massive mind-death and destruction in city dwelling populations!

    I heard an Orkin commercial the other day, they are poising the little B*****DS with an agent the melts and warps their genitalia, putting a really big hitch in the getty-up, and… how hard would it have been, to have a a bunch of Soviet sleeper agent receive a “cake from Grandma” from overseas somewhere, take them out to the local city water supply, loose the “cake” overboard accidentally…. and have the things generating massive number of Liberal Democrats starting in about 1950 or so?????

    I have my suspensions!

    (just a pet theory though, still searching for evidence to support my beliefs, JUST LIKE THE ECOs….. mind you)

  4. It’s a little surprising that the watermelons have declare themselves so openly when they are a long way from consolidating the powers their leaders want so badly.
    It does figure, though, that two branches of modern Puritanism are aligned to constrain everyone else’s way of life. The Puritan nanny-bully instinct is one of our species’ oldest and least desirable habits.
    Socialists are generally fiercer and more pragmatic than environmentalists; when the two come to the parting of their ways, I think the enviros will be the losers. The Islamists are much fiercer than the “progressives”; when they come to the parting of their ways, the “progressives” will be astounded at how much the Islamists have hated them all along.

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