‘Ecosocialists’ hold conference: Accuse Israel of ‘environmental racism’ against Palestinians

“THE ECOSOCIALIST Conference, a broad and enthusiastic all-day meeting in New York City on April 20, took a big step toward creating an anti-capitalist wing of the environmental movement.”

From the SocialistWorker:

Abbie Bakan, head of gender studies at Queen’s University, Ontario, took up a case study: the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians. They have undergone an “indigenous experience, enduring environmental racism,” in which slogans like “make the desert bloom” promote the notion that “the good earth comes only from the colonial project.”

3 thoughts on “‘Ecosocialists’ hold conference: Accuse Israel of ‘environmental racism’ against Palestinians”

  1. It just keeps getting more ridiculous all the time?!?!?!

    We’re back to…. “The Jews” are to blame…. REALLY?!?!?!?

    Someone opened a closet somewhere and all this filthy laundry came pouring out… There really needs to be a way to create a “Rationality Pulpit” that just beats these knuckle-dragger “arguments” into the dust from which they have come.

    It sooooo……. disappointing…. to have seen the “Greatest Generation” expend so much time and so much effort and soooo many lives…. to then have the whole of which they saved from oblivion…. melted by armpit-farting morons.


  2. The Israeli society is more market-oriented and freedom-oriented than most Muslim societies are, including the Gaza Palestinians and the PA in the West Bank. Israel is much more socialist than the US is, closer to the Western European model than to the US model.
    If the Palestinians were ready to live with the Israelis, and to be free themselves, they could be as wealthy as the Israelis. As Golda Meir said, “When the Palestinians love their children more than they hate us, we will have peace.” Alas, we are still waiting.

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