Flagship Daily DIE WELT Stuns Germany: ‘Scientists Warn Of Ice Age’, Cites New Peer-Reviewed Russian Study

“The lethal “100-year, record-smashing” spring cold and snow spreading across Europe over the past month has for the most part been avoided like the plague by Germany’s mainstream media. The silence over the record cold and frost, which has killed thousands and cost billions, has been ear-ringing.”

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6 thoughts on “Flagship Daily DIE WELT Stuns Germany: ‘Scientists Warn Of Ice Age’, Cites New Peer-Reviewed Russian Study”

  1. The article states that more scientists believe that the changes in energy from the sun affects temperatures on Earth.
    Seems obvious, except to AGW people and the media.
    If the “sun doesn’t come out tomorrow”, it’s going to get cold-real fast. No matter how much CO2 there is in the atmosphere.

  2. At what point does weather become climate. Europe has had several brutal winters in a row. And if the NOAA temperatures weren’t faked so much, I suspect we actually have temperatures similar to the 1970’s since the weather is behaving much like it did in the 1970’s.

    I guess because the science is so corrupted even with a few years of seemingly cold weather, it is nearly impossible to tell what is what any more.

  3. The most encouraging aspect of this story is that opinions that dissent from the AGW Orthodoxy are getting play in the popular press.

  4. Pretty much my opinion. If this turns out to be valid, we’re talking about a period cooler than the present but hardly shattering; we didn’t have a resurgence of the N. American’ glacial sheet in 1650, for example. I remember the “Ice Age” predictions of early 1970s, though, and we see that it hasn’t happened yet.
    Billings had one of its coldest and snowiest winters on record in 1996-1997, supposedly about the peak of the current warming, just before it leveled off or began sloping down in 1998, by some reckonings.
    Cooler weather could impede growing seasons in areas that have done better in recent decades. Good thing we’re cranking up some CO2 to help crops during the cooler period.

  5. It’s just weather, people.

    Tying current weather to possible climate changes, hotter or colder, is trashy.

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