6 thoughts on “Dog, Homework: Joe Romm says global warming has accelerated over past 15 years”

  1. I have no real understanding on how this whole climate change thing works. I have tried reading and re-reading the explanations but still don’t get it. The last explanation I read involved 90% of heat going into the ocean, and that if you look at the ocean, there is correlation between CO2 (though it lags and is logarithmic) and the ocean heat (plus the other parts of the earth–land, etc which accounts for 10%). I have no idea when this became the theory and no idea what evidence there is. It’s all very confusing. As Stan B says,
    “Any help here?”

  2. How does one warm the deep oceans with CO2 in the atmosphere? Just curious…..unless there is some transport method I don’t understand where warm water descends, I don’t understand how you can keep the surface temperature constant, cool the upper layer, and move heat DOWN into the lower layers all at the same time.

    Any help here?

  3. Well, it looks like the mods at CP don’t tolerate dissenting views. I put up multiple posts on their discussion board, none made it through. Real science, my ass!

  4. Exactly, Yodaddy. I continue to be in amazement at the clown parade of these unverified models. The actual paper was honest in declaring No ARGO, but these Dana Nutjobs get a hold of this and they think it is evidence. Then he tries to bridge this simulation with Pielke Sr… WHAT?

  5. When you get to the data portion of the story, no data! There are no deep ocean historical records. The deep oceans are warming because the MODEL says so.

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