9 thoughts on “Petulant Chicken Alert: Michael Mann-child snidely declines to debate Roy Spencer on FOX”

  1. Why on Earth would Mike Mann agree to such a thing? A scientific debate happens in the scientific literature. What Fox wanted to do was host a soundbite-fest so people who don’t know the first thing about science can feel like they have ammunition to believe whatever they want. When Roy Spencer has actually published anything in the literature, his opponents have not been shy about responding… in the literature. For instance, after his Remote Sensing paper came out a couple years ago, there were quickly a couple of peer-reviewed responses that showed, among other things, that Roy had failed to report most of the data he said he analyzed–and that unreported data completely undercut Roy’s conclusions about climate sensitivity. See here for lots of details:


  2. I’d have asked him why he refused on twitter, but he’s already blocked me for asking when Real Climate will be debunking Steve McIntyre’s trashing of Marcott et. al. (I guess that means “never”).

  3. My grandmother told me “before you pick your fight, choose your fight.” It would appear Mr. Mann prefers debating straw men – we won’t debate anyone else.

  4. Simple name-calling from Mann. Pitiful and humorous at the same time. I would expect better from a self-described Nobel Prize winner.

  5. A true scientist stands tall in front of the consensus scientists, armed only with his experimental results. He or she offers up the results and methodology for critique, answers all questions openly and honestly, and is not afraid to say “I don’t know”. The debate is how the science is kept honest. If you fear the debate you must not trust your science.

  6. Why not invite someone who has made serious contributions to the science like Spencer? At least find someone in his league, someone respected who has published a lot of science that hasn’t been taken down. Did they just want a token alarmist or someone of substance?

    It would have been fun to ask directly though, did he have a direct hand in the calculations of Marcott, and would he swear to it? It would be a great shot to get.

  7. Talk to Mann in a language he understands: buck-buck-beGAWK! Notice how he tosses the hashtag pejoratives around, to dehumanize his opponent, to justify the idea behind the name-calling: “hey, I don’t debate non-humans.”

  8. So what else is new? Brune conveniently finds a way to cancel his scheduled televised debates with Morano, and always at the last moment! I love to watch the “lions” self-elected to protect humanity licking their balls on national TV.

  9. Gutless is as gutless does. When you have no facts or science yourun and hide. I expected nothing less from Mann

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