Enviro frets in Nature mag: ‘Poverty alleviation could undermine’ sustainable development

Reminds me of the infamous enviro sentiment concerning the use of DDT to control malaria in Africa: The poor are “better off dead than riotously reproducing.”

From The Guardian:

Prof David Griggs, director of the Monash Sustainability Institute in Australia, argues in an article in the journal Nature that it is no longer enough for countries to solely pursue the poverty alleviation targets enshrined in the millennium development goals (MDG) that were agreed in 2000 but run out in 2015.

“Humans are transforming the planet in ways that could undermine any development gains. Mounting research shows that the stable functioning of Earth systems – including the atmosphere, oceans, forests, waterways, biodiversity and biogeochemical cycles – is a prerequisite for a thriving global society,” he writes, with colleagues.

Instead, the authors say that the old goals should be combined with global environmental targets drawn from science and from existing international agreements to create new “sustainable development goals” (SDGs).

“Pursuing a post-2015 agenda [which is] focused only on poverty alleviation could undermine the agenda’s purpose. Growing evidence and real-world changes convincingly show that humanity is driving global environmental change and has pushed us into a new geological epoch. Further human pressure risks causing widespread, abrupt and possibly irreversible changes to basic Earth-system processes. Water shortages, extreme weather, deteriorating conditions for food production, ecosystem loss, ocean acidification and sea-level rise are real dangers that could threaten development and trigger humanitarian crises across the globe,” say the authors.

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  1. This tree huggin A21 agenda isn’t science, engineering, or any other hard math agenda. It’s become obvious it’s an old religion, gaia, and as dangerous as islam.

  2. Roger-the Agenda 21 language was explicitly in the Global Citizenship K-12 standards that went into effect about 2002 in the UK and Australia. I am assuming they came to NZ at the same time. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/mandating-global-citizenship-mindsets-by-assessing-whether-students-adopt-social-altruism/

    The UN stuff also comes in under the accreditation agencies. They answer to UNESCO and have been pushing its social and emotional learning and Transformational Outcomes Based education templates. The science as “sense-making” is social constructivism and comes out of UNESCO as well.

    Finally I have done a number of stories on American psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner and his Ecological Systems Theory that is a metaphor but it gets taught to teachers and students as if it is factual. I know it is widely used in New Zealand. I am not going to put in a 2nd link but I did a story on March 4 called “Imitating the USSR in Striving to Discover How the Child can Become What He Not Yet Is” where I quoted a 1977 article written by Urie where he said his BEST theory came from a suggestion by Soviet psychologist Leontiev to use it as a transforming experiment on the West. Which is exactly what is happening. Urie was an exchange student in Moscow in the mid 1960s.

    I think it’s a big deal. I am not alleging a connection. I am quoting that the creator of this widely used ed theory for the classroom says the Soviets wanted to see what would happen if it was used in Western classrooms. That title is from the Leontiev quote on using BEST to reimagine the political, social, and economic systems of the West.

  3. In my country we are experiencing a communist infiltration sponsored by the United Nations through Agenda21 and AGW (which is more of a smoke screen than anything)
    Check out the links on my blog and then say if you agree with me.




  4. The key word is “only” before poverty alleviation. The UN and OECD have big plans for us and it includes virtually all aspects of life. They are pushing social citizenship and a new vision of the welfare state. Because that reality would not sell well they are using the threat of CAGW and biodiversity and everything global and hard to disprove as excuses for the planning and transformation necessity.

    I write about education as the vehicle but that means I read all the plans to use ed globally for social, economic, and political change. They even consider us to be systems to be dictated to and transformed. Sociotechnical systems to be exact. We are supposedly just the product of our social interactions and our environment and the cognitive tools we have access to. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/who-needs-pitchforks-to-get-political-and-economic-revolution-education-and-time-will-do-fine/ lays out the vision using the comments of Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer, two of the favorite futurists in achieving this vision according to UN internal docs I was able to access on a public site in Europe.

  5. Agreed, and here’s a great starting point (I look for opportunities to post this video):

    One of them thinks “rocks” offer some type of “most incredible life.” Idiots all, and most likely “educators” of the youth in America.

  6. If the environmentalists honestly believe that “humans are polluting the earth” and that there should be fewer humans, then why aren’t they committing mass suicide? The reality is, that they think they are “special” and that _everybody_ _else_ should sacrifice while they live their lives free of restrictions.

  7. The only things that are increasing exponentially is the selfishness and willful ignorance of a small group of idiots posing as academics.

  8. He wants the poor to starve to death so he can enjoy a 3 story log mansion gouged into the face of one of our most scenic mountains and land his luxury private jumbo jet on the private airstrip in the valley below.

  9. So this person either wants to leave the world’s really poor where they are or have the rest of the world drop back to join them. Why is he so fond of human misery? And does he live that lifestyle?

  10. The Malthusians don’t learn do they? History tells us that as a resource becomes rare and expensive our primary resources, our brains and imaginations, take over and find a substitute or another way to fulfill our needs.

    They cannot see that the key to all of this is inexpensive energy. They see energy as the enemy.

    They also do not see that what they call environmental science is merely a belief system wrapped in the trappings of pseudo-scientific jargon.

  11. Another load of rubbish from the environmentalists. NASA records show a greening of the planet over the short period of global satellite observation. Probably due to a rising atmospheric CO2 content.
    I have yet to meet an environmentalist who had any good, reasonable ideas. I now ignore all they claim because it will be totally wrong and probably 180 degrees from the truth.
    Bunch of lunies.

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