Animal Rights: PETA killed more than 1,600 cats and dogs at its Virginia headquarters last year; Almost 90% of the animals handed over to the charity’s American shelter

“[PETA] Only placed 19 in new homes according to the data submitted to the Virginia Department for Agriculture and Consumer Services.”

Read more at the Daily Mail.

12 thoughts on “Animal Rights: PETA killed more than 1,600 cats and dogs at its Virginia headquarters last year; Almost 90% of the animals handed over to the charity’s American shelter”

  1. You ALL MUST join PERV

    People for the Ethical Regard of Vegetables

    * How would you like to be separated from your nether regions, plunged into a boiling cauldron of oil or water and then eaten?

    * How would you like to have your genitalia cut off and used to decorate churches, houses and the bosoms of human females?

    * How would you like to have your unborn children put in a mill and ground up over the corpses of related species?

    * How would you like to have your head cut off so that people can play football on you?

    * And it’s a matter of your own health. Do you realise that leguminous vegetables such as peas and beans fix deadly nitrogen from the air, which could give you cancer?

    Act now! Send a large cheque to the Number Watch Cayman Island account to become a member of PERV. In return you will receive a free catalogue of synthetised proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre (no fat, of course) with price list. Leave the flowers where they are in the field. You know it makes scents.

  2. The whole Sea Kitten thing isn’t that bad. It does make a good point that a number of environmental laws are based off of silly notions like which animals are noble or cute. Thus “Save the Whales” when the Great White Shark is actually the one that is threatened. Recall the outcry a few months ago about some Pacific Islanders hunting dolphins (which are plentiful), but you can still go to a Chinese Restaurant and order shark fin soup.

    Of course, like everything, PETA takes a good idea and runs it into crazy-talk.

  3. Yeah, sure, the big sea kittens are going to quit eating the little sea kittens as soon as this terminology change gets underway. And the poley bears up north will turn vegetarian rather than eat the salmon sea kittens or river kittens.
    Not a lot of feral guppies either, it seems to me.

  4. It’s really hard to take PETA seriously. A few years ago it was reported they tried to persuade the town of Spearfish, South Dakota to change the name of its high school from Spearfish High School to Sea Kitten High School. See I have a good friend from Rapid City, South Dakota who told me they also suggested that the town itself change its name to Sea Kitten. You don’t know what a Sea Kitten is? Check out

  5. PETA is very quiet about one of its major principles: people should not own pets because that exploits the pets. So a 99% kill rate at their shelter is consistent with their stated position. That’s probably why they state that position so quietly.
    PETA’s real goal is for humans and animals to be entirely separated for the good of the animals. Left out is that this would lead to the extinction of many domestic species and breeds; you see very few feral Pekingese or Rhode Island Reds.

  6. A species has to be able to replace its numbers after catastrophes. Thus too many cats, rats and people.

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