5 thoughts on “Michael Mann-child Whine: Criticizing me proves I’m right, so there!”

  1. If criticizing him means he’s right, what are the supporters of his theory doing? They MUST be saying he’s wrong…

  2. “Even when I’m proven wrong I’m right!!!”

    And so we have the thesis of the AGW crowd. If it warms, it’s man’s fault. If it cools it’s man’s fault. If it remains constant, it’s because man took the right direction – i.e. it’s man’s fault.

  3. Great—Michael Mann adopts the philosophy of the pseudo-scientists: They are picking on me and making fun of me so I must be right. Sure, but that would also mean that all the conspiracy theorists skeptics are accused of following are right. How quaint, Mann aligns with conspiracy theorists.
    Skeptics are called names and vilified so they must be right too? So two mutually exclusive ideas are true according to Mann. This person has serious issues with understanding science, wouldn’t you say?

  4. If Mann means to say that some of the criticism against him is phrased in nasty terms, I’m sure he’s right. I’ve keyed some of that myself. And I’m sure some critics of his theory are off on their math or science. But of course Mann himself has said many nasty things and he is off on his math and science.
    Oh, gosh, I just said something nasty and confirmed his thesis.

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