NYTimes: The Cosmetics Wars

The enviros are attacking cosmetic companies which are rushing to reformulate but will likley only wind up creating inferior products. Given the necessity of high-quality makeup to modern life, the question is this: how long will women put up with the enviro junk science and the cowardly cosmetic companies that won’t fight back?

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3 thoughts on “NYTimes: The Cosmetics Wars”

  1. I know only a few people whose appearances are improved by cosmetics but I know lots of people — everyone I’m willing to be near — who use “personal care products”. I think most people would recognize a gradation from soap and toothpaste (see our Australian toothless wonder), hand lotion, and eyeliner.
    Dosage makes something toxic or safe and the safe dosage varies enormously by the ingredient. I like having shaving cream butI admit I don’t want a rabbit to be scraped, abraded, and rubbed with shaving cream until its skin reacts painfully. I will acknowledge the dilemma without pretending I know the answer. But I will point out that the same nannies who demand extensive testing are the ones who want the animals left out of it.

  2. Nearly all of these “green” products are inferior — cleaning products to paints and stains, etc…
    Green has already given us cleaning products (household, carpet, laundry, body) that don’t clean well or disinfect. And, try painting your house or staining wood fences with the new product formulations that cover poorly, are difficult to spread, dry out and clump, are less durable, and require additives just to be able to use.

  3. “Given the necessity of high-quality makeup to modern life, …”

    Curious to know where that necessity came from. Making women look repulsive is certainly one way to quell population growth. What other good does it do?

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