Michael Mann to help ensure Everglades has water in the future

This project is only costing U.S. taxpayers $300K. Note Mann will also be working on “effective communication of scientific information in the face of potential biases.” Would those biases be his perchance?

“Fuentes, working with Michael Mann, distinguished professor of meteorology, Penn State, will use regional climate change scenarios to develop management strategies that ensure the resilience of water supplies. The researchers will assess approaches to ensuring effective communication of scientific information to stakeholders in the face of potential biases in cognition and perception. They will also try to determine how regional climate change and variability, and sea level rise will affect the future water supply and its management.”

Read the Penn State media release.

2 thoughts on “Michael Mann to help ensure Everglades has water in the future”

  1. $300K would just about cover Mann’s salary and living expenses for the year that it takes him to write a follow-up research proposal.
    The ‘Glades get their fresh water from local rain (Tampa, FL is the thunderstorm capital of the world, and too flat for much runoff), and AGW hasn’t been accused of causing a drought there (yet). The swamp is safe from dessication, and Mann can afford to pay for his cable and internet access.

  2. H’m. The Everglades area gets its water from storms, which have been fewer, and from the water sources upstream. How does anyone plan to make the ‘glades resilient without tampering with them somehow? And then we’ve lost them.

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