14 thoughts on “Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released… and here is the chart to prove it”

  1. I can only conclude that GCMs kill polar bears, since that’s the only place warming has been detected in 16 years.

  2. The article itself is very good. I think the pictures and captions were chosen by someone fundamentally opposite the opinions of the actual author.

  3. Mike – the frightening thing about all this is that politicians and the chattering classes now think they KNOW all about it – that burning fossil fuels will ruin the planet for future generations and that they must make sacrifices now, subsidising windmills and solar panels and paying through the nose for ‘clean’ energy etc. This really is literally a religion that defines ‘good’ conduct now and promises a ‘good afterlife’ for the children. ‘Deniers’ are under the Devil’s spell. ‘Alarmists’ are on the high moral ground. Now, whatever science may say, the Faith will prevail; just as the Christian beliefs survived the Enlightenment demolition of miracles, transubstantiation and the virgin birth. This announcement about the 16 year plateau should have been hailed with cries of relief, with rescinding all the green legislation about carbon, the end of carbon trading and so on. Look what has happened – hardly a whisper! Politicians do not want to know and the people are happy to leave it to the high priests at the Met office, the Hadley Centre and so on. It may be too late already. The Great Hoax may be with us for a generation.

  4. Agree with hootie99… The media and the general populace lack basic scientific training/schooling. I am weary of discussing atmospheric issues with people that don’t even know the Gas Laws exist!!

  5. is a crappy article when it claims ” This image shows smoke billowing out of a power station”, When actually it is steam billowing out of a nuclear power station, how can anybody ever trust the media when they clearly don’t know WTF they are talking about?

  6. Jake42

    Sarcasm mode still OFF

    Think on this – “Like Prof Curry, Prof Jones also admitted that the climate models were imperfect: ‘We don’t fully understand how to input things like changes in the oceans, and because we don’t fully understand it you could say that natural variability is now working to suppress the warming. We don’t know what natural variability is doing.’”

    Recollect that at the start of all this nonsense, they claimed that the causes of natural variation were well known and that variations from natural variability were bound to be caused by human activity. Now Jones is trying to reverse the whole argument in effect claiming that we know all about how human activity changes climate and that variations from that are as yet unknown causes of natural variability!

  7. Sarcasm mode ON: There are several problems with the Met Office report. 1st, the Met office is a bunch of meteorologist. Any global warming advocate will tell you that mere weather people know nothing about measuring temperatures. 2nd, they didn’t submit their data to NASA or the CRU before publishing. Global temperature data that has not been adjusted to fit global warming doctrine can’t be trusted. 3rd, last but not least, if the Earth’s temperature has been stable for the past 16 years, this is just further proof that temperatures are out of whack. The climate models show us what the temperatures should be. Any deviation from computer predictions is proof positive that the Earth is messed up. Sarcasm mode OFF

  8. Isn’t it about time that the next batch of Climategate emails gets released? It’s still sitting out there, impossibly well-encrypted last I heard.

  9. Carbon induced global warming was a Thatcher invention to crush the miners after they had brought the economy to a standstill. Cash-strapped East Anglia University, the Hadley Centre and the Met Office gladly took up the story and with the help of Al Gore and many enthusiastic model builders the carbon story became the kernel of the green movement. This is not a story about physics, but about social science. It illustrates how secular institutions take on a life of their own like the religions of earlier days. Millions were killed in the religious wars in Europe and millions are now suffering at the hands of the enthusiasts for carbon driven global warming. Surely the time has come to back-track on the cost creating measures that are driving energy and food prices through the ceiling? While the carbon driven global warming bubble bursts, it is imperative that all the green policies that are driving down world economies be scrapped now. They are having a far more devastating effect than ever carbon emissions could have on humanity.

  10. Notice the (unmentioned, even in the Daily Mail) revision that replaced the prior Hadley UEA graphic that now elevated the summer of 2006 to a higher position than 1998. And, of course, the range now exceeds the two tenths of a degree C in the replaced chart. Amazing how past hard data gets a new lease on a more varied life.

    See the Daily Mail article for the “newer” version and the colderside link in the first comment for the original. Both have the same “source.”

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