6 thoughts on “Line drawn: Industry Sues Over Sugary-Drinks Crackdown”

  1. “raise consciousness about our unhealthy eating habits”? WTF is that supposed to mean? With the exception of very young children, and The Waterboy, 99% of Americans have been bombarded with “consciousness raising” about food for decades. So unless you propose stepping it up to Soviet-style indoctrination centers for “consciousness raising”, you’re just asking to spend more and more effort to get the same result.

    Americans know damn well that what we’re eating isn’t “the best possible food for us”. Hell, Bloomberg’s idiotic move is only being done because he at least RECOGNIZES that people eat what they eat in full knowledge because they like it. If people know what they’re doing is “wrong”, and they keep doing it in the face of decades of “education”, then the only way of stopping them from doing it is to FORCE THEM.

  2. The nanny state has been fighting obesity for decades and for decades the population has gotten heavier. Reminds me of the war on poverty and the war on drugs. Lots of my money wasted on programs I knew could never succeed.and was loathed to fund.

  3. Well, not everyone. The regulators and agencies win. At this level of dependence, it becomes checkmate.

  4. You know, I’m really on the side of civil liberties, here. But I’ve been reading about healthy diet and am chagrined to conclude the the powers that be in the US have done as big a scam on what a healthy diet is as the AGW scare mongers have done about climate.

    The rise in diabetes and other obesity related illnesses coincides with the “healthy eating” pronouncements out of officialdom and have IMO produced a public health nightmare.

    Of course, Bloomberg is going about it in the wrong way. He should be trying to raise consciousness about our unhealthy eating habits, but instead he’s made this into a civil rights issue. Everyone loses.

  5. And for those few that aren’t, that’s just too bad. What’s that you say? It will cost the rest of us in extra health care, etc. for these people? That’s the cost of freedom my friend. And that’s a cost I’m willing to pay.

  6. Is Bloomberg doing these bans because of some misguided father image, or is he using them as distractions? I’m perfectly capable of deciding what and how much I’ll eat without the wise father doing it for me. I believe most of us are.

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