13 thoughts on “Video: How to talk to a climate change denier”

  1. I’m kind to religious proselytizers, to pan handlers, to marketers of products I have no use for, to salespeople, to everyone who is in customer service,

    … but those who attempt to sell me on “man made climate change” are met with “you don’t know what you’re talking about you dung head, take a hike.”

    The only thing I feel bad about is my inability to feel remorse over this behavior

  2. This can be effectively countered by saying “but what about the effects you cause?” Get teary-eyed over the poor children in Africa who have black lung due to having to cook inside because the power plant way denied. Get emotional over all the people who went hungry because the money was wasted building wind turbines.

    The problem is that most of the opposition ARE good people. Many are stuck in Captain Planet “evil polluters” mindsets, but there are others that simply haven’t considered the costs of their actions. They think it’s “only money” without realizing what that money represents. Once you get them to understand that it’s not black and white, you can get them to listen.

  3. He’s reinventing the ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ BS from the 70’s(I think).

    I much preferred the Marine Corps version – “I’m okay, you’re effed up.”

  4. This IS a religion. Puts me in mind of those who speak of how to talk to someone who does not believe in God. Or, conversely, someone who does believe in God, if you take the opposite view.

    This isn’t about faith. This is about science.The science either supports your theory or it doesn’t. And, and at this point, that theory is little more than supposition.

  5. Once again we are reminded that before you say anything it is a good idea to have something worth saying.

  6. Turn it back. Ask them about the people they are killing by imposing taxes.

    Keep pushing the point, to see if they really are sympathetic

  7. This cr@p can be summed as as follows:

    THE SUPER RULE: Do not present ANY arguments, EVER. Because, for some ‘mysterious’ reason, this never ever works. Well, not really ‘mysterious’: it is certainly because they are all conservative and stupid and evil and hate True Science and are all paid by Big Oil and are racists and hate those who are ‘different’ from them… they are nothing at all like us Holy Hippies.

    a) Talk about your feelings, and what a good, self-sacrificing, person you are.
    b) Get the stupid Denier to empathize with you… but in a subjugated way — i.e. present yourself as the mature one in the room.
    c) Above all, the Denier must be blocked from ACTING. In other words, the Denier must be manipulated into a state of emotional passivity. Once they have entered the tried and trusted state of: “You are good person, with your opinions, and I am a good person, with my opinions, lets avoid fights and all nastiness,” they cease to matter. (Where, of course, the vast mass of ‘fighting’ and ‘nastiness’ is ALWAYS on the side of the f@cking hippies…)

    As for the “meaning” nonsense: this is what you expect from an IDEOLOGY, or a RELIGION. Sometimes the irony from the mouths of these atheist-humanist hippies is oh so very thick.

    But this is all classical of debating, i.e. lying. (As opposed to “reasoning”, for those too dense to grasp the point of difference.)

  8. What a dipstick (anyone got a bit of rope to tie his hands – they seem to be out of control – just like his weak argument)

  9. “Accepting Climate Change will give meaning to
    your life.”

    “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love
    Climate Change”

  10. Do not dismiss this. I am a died-in-the-wool CAGW sceptic, but what he says is absolutely bang-on. Get any really good salesperson to watch this and say that he is wrong.

    In fact, take it all on board, and apply exactly the same rules when arguing why CAGW is a load of bollocks and a Government sponsored tax scam.

    Remove the subject matter being referenced (climate change) and just listen to the way he advocates interacting with people with different views.

  11. Good God! It’s 20:18 of concentrated dull.

    I tried to watch it, but it’s like watching paint dry while being water-boarded.

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