3 thoughts on “Global Warming Denialism ‘Just Foolishness,’ Scientist Peter Raven Says”

  1. This article is by Bill Blakemore. He writes for
    ABC news. He says:

    “His assessment [Raven’s] reinforces our findings
    at the recent global climate summit in Durban,
    South Africa, that the vigorous anti-climate
    science movement in the United States has
    significantly damaged American prestige among European leaders who are struggling to deal with
    the daunting impacts of global warming.”

    Note the royal “our” findings. Blakemore is
    invoking Raven to validate his own position. A
    WRITER invoking a BOTANIST to tell us we are
    losing prestige in Europe because we are
    applying the scientific method to climate

    Americans declare babies’ breath isn’t pollution,
    and Europe is crushed. Get a life, Blakemore.

  2. Why don’t these idiots get off questioning climate change or global warming? No one disputes climate change. This is an oxymoron. That is what climate does. No one doubts the world has warmed up since 1850 in what we call the end of the Little Ice Age. No one doubts human-caused climate change takes place in local regions where area that were once a forest now house five million people. I live in a area like that and have witnessed the regions population rise from 1 million to 6 million in 45 years. Yes, it is warmer most of the time than it was 45 years ago. Back then I could drive ten miles and I was out in the country. Now I have to drive 4o miles to be in the country.

    The real question is humans burning fossil fuels which produces carbon dioxide causing catastrophic global warming? All measurements say nothing or no. So this is the question and the alarmists don’t get around to asking the real question. No wonder the media and the public is confused.

    Those who try to educate the public on the issues, stop the alarmists from dodging the real question and the consequences of saying yes and doing something about stopping fossil fuel use

  3. this clown is an evolutionary biologist. what does he really know about solar energy cycles and cyclic changes in the earth . But gets a grant paid trip to South Africa, so he and his group don’t dare say there is no CAGW. They don’t want to miss the annual party.

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