Study finds air clean-up link to US hurricanes

The Financial Times reports:

Cleaning up air pollution from factories in North America and Europe could have helped to cause more disastrous hurricanes in the US in recent years, new research suggests.

In a study with important implications for the insurance industry, scientists from Britain’s Met Office say they have established a link between pollution wafting across the ocean – and efforts to remove it – and events such as drought in the Sahel region of north Africa and hurricane activity in the US…

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3 thoughts on “Study finds air clean-up link to US hurricanes”

  1. It would be nice to see the article and not a financial reporting instruments interpretation of a study. After all I wouldn’t trust the weather channel to get a realistic take on the implications of Bernake’s decisions

  2. I couldn’t bring up the paper; so I don’t know what is in it. I think no one will dispute the air in the U. S. is cleaner each year than the previous year. If anything, this is due to the extreme diligence of our buddy–the EPA–and I think our citizens get more responsible each year. Anyone examining hurricane activity the past ten years will find the activity hitting the U. S is smaller. So if this study shows cleaner air causes more hurricanes, they are full of it. I lost my BS button. This is typical UK data; like the data supporting AGW that is non-existent.

  3. You can make a “study” prove anything you want to. Too many of our “studies” are only about notariety and money. They destroy confidence in legitimate science because it is very hard to tell fact from fiction.

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