4 thoughts on “A new paper in Nature suggests CO2 leads temperature, but has some serious problems”

  1. WUWT didn’t read it. Several criticism made by WUWT are answered in the supplemental data.

  2. The original, long-term study showed temperatures preceding CO2 by 800 years. The new study proposed that on a shorter time-frame, the reverse happens, CO2 goes up and then the temperature. However, the bigger comes from the smaller: the long-term is only the collective pattern of the smaller.

    It is noteworthy that this result came not from new data, but from a reanalysis and “correcting” or “adjusting” of previously studied data with other proxy data. Yet it might be true. Once more there is a ‘however’: if true, then it means that the long-term data must be out of temporal whack.

    One of them is wrong.

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