'Clean', 'green' jettisoned by new alternative energy lobbying group

Bloomberg reports:

Clean-energy companies may benefit from a new political-action committee trying to bridge a policy divide that is playing out in ads featuring Solyndra LLC’s collapse and finger-pointing over high gasoline costs.

The Accelerating Energy Leadership, or Accel, PAC will help candidates who support “diversifying American energy sources,” which includes solar and wind power, biomass, nuclear and natural gas, according to an invitation to its inaugural event last month.

The group stresses bipartisanship. The first recipient was Senator Dean Heller, a Nevada Republican who backs renewable energy. The second was Senator Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat who supports the Keystone XL pipeline, a proposed $7.6 billion project to carry crude oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries.

We want to avoid the catch words — clean energy, green energy — that set people off in the wrong way,” said Tim Greeff, the Washington-based PAC’s treasurer. “The political rhetoric is starting to dictate and override any pragmatic solutions”… [Emphasis added]

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