Florida House votes to repeal never implemented 2008 cap-and-trade law

Skepticism advances in Florida

The Associated Press reports:

A cap and trade law to control power plant emissions that was never implemented would be repealed by a bill that has cleared the Florida House.

The bill (HB 4001) passed 82-34 in a largely party line roll call on Thursday after a debate over whether such emissions are causing climate change. It now goes to the Senate where a similar bill (SB 648) also is ready for floor action.

Democrats who opposed the repeal cited scientific evidence that greenhouse emissions are causing global warming, which is expected to cause sea levels to rise and inundate coastal areas.

Republicans questioned those findings and argued the market-based cap and trade system would kill jobs.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist sought passage of the incentives for reducing emissions in 2008.

2 thoughts on “Florida House votes to repeal never implemented 2008 cap-and-trade law”

  1. Former (Gov. Charlie Crist) — ‘Former’….has a nice ring to it…
    If AGW is supposedly so ‘catastrophic’, why don’t the warmists simply use the multi-million dollar WWF and Greenpeace annual operating budget to build a retaining wall around Florida using recycled hockey sticks to combat the “expected” sea level rise?

  2. It is symptomatic that Florida would be probably one of the first countries in the word that would be inundated if, due to the climate change, the ocean levels rose.

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