Educating Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly (Rajendra… who?)

Last week on his Fox News “The O’Reilly Factor” program, Bill O’Reilly did not recognize Rajendra Pachauri in a video clip, and asked repeatedly who he was. This was in his Wednesday 3/14 ‘Dennis Miller’ segment, where the two were joking about Al Gore’s latest antics (transcript here, video here, the Gore part starts at the 5:15 point).

O’REILLY: Did you see that video with the guy with the beard and the green hankie? Did you see that parade by you? Did you see it?
MILLER: Yes, I did.
O’REILLY: Looked like Fu Manchu. Who is that guy?….. [speaking to his staff] Can we see that again? Can you throw that up again? I love that guy  …..
….. There he is. There he is. Who is this guy? Who is he?
MILLER: I don’t know. I think… I think that’s the Batman’s butler in Mandarinville.
O’REILLY: Look at that guy. We’ve got to get him on “The Factor.”

Of course, those of us who are global warming wonks immediately recognize him as Rajendra Pachauri, no less than the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the notorious United Nations group that practically every promoter of man-caused global warming cites as all the proof we need for regulating greenhouse gases out of existence.

However, this is what Bill had to say about the man the next day in his end-of-the-show Pinheads and Patriots segment:

Yesterday, we reported that Al Gore believes democracy is being hacked … this man with the green hanky caught our attention. He is Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, an environmental scientist who teaches at Yale and who accepted the Noble Peace Prize, which he shared with Mr. Gore.

This day, the doctor has written a controversial book, but it’s not about global warming. It’s about Shirley McClain. Apparently, the actress is a character in the book who enjoys, well, “R-rated” pursuits.

Anyway, we don’t know Dr. Pachauri well enough to call him a “Pinhead” or a “Patriot”, but we do like his outfit.
(transcript at the bottom of this page)


In case anybody needs it, Bill does provide his email address at the end of the above transcript page, asking for comments.

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  1. I spotted him right away. He’s that railroad engineer/soft porn author who talks a lot about climate stuff.

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