One thought on “Will Roseanne Barr’s Presidential Bid Bring The Environment Into The Debate?”

  1. Roseanne Barr hasn’t the clout to push anything, but political forces need to push a national debate for the sake of the country – not for the sake of political gain.

    We know that the very modest warming since the Little Ice Age is driven by the sun/cosmic ray influence. This has also driven the major glaciations in the history of the Earth as the solar system passes through the spiral arms of our galaxy – laden with cosmic particles.

    The advocates have nothing left to say. We really need a nationally televised debate – maybe over two days. Expose all the real data and embarrass the advocates and the media that print the same tripe over and over — with no real data to back things up. There is another killer article on the way that proves the inefficiency of increased CO2 to raise temperature. We know from the NIPCC reports that is does help the plant world – therefore animals and us humans.

    Such debates have been few and far between, though they are needed. The opposition is too strong for the advocates now. By my last count there are 22 non-fiction books on the CO2 warming fraud. I am a former advocate. My fictional novel is about a 2012 nationally televised debate in the USA before the elections. The novel hero is a climate modeler and former advocate who has examined all the data. The novel embarrasses the advocates bad; maybe they may come out and debate. Read EXPOSURE at or purchase at your favorite eBook source.

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