Heartland documents: what’s the big deal?

“Calling this an equivalent of Climategate is like comparing alarmist funding to sceptics funding… (little joke there). However, it does demonstrate how desperate The Cause is to smear and discredit those who are asking difficult questions – for which they often have no answer – except misrepresentation and spin.”

Read the Australian Climate Madness analysis.

2 thoughts on “Heartland documents: what’s the big deal?”

  1. Two words, GreggM: Prove it.

    Not with dime-a-dozen vague references to books or articles or to web sites listing out dollar amounts that are either nasty criminal bribes or (gosh) voluntarily given strings-free donations, but actual physical proof of money exchanged for false fabricated unprovable climate assessments. ‘Show us the bodies’, as Steve likes to put it.

    In the absence of that kind of proof, what do we have here? Absolutely nothing. Except for the slight little dinky problem of repeated efforts to portray skeptics as crooks despite evidence to support it.

  2. You mean like the Koch brothers, the petrochemical industry and coal industry funding the entire astroturf denier movement?

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