USA Today: ‘Most and least toxic cars? Tests rank 200 models’

“Vehicle interiors contain a unique cocktail of hundreds of toxic chemicals that off-gas in small, confined spaces.”

USA Today reports:

Ever wonder about that “new car” smell? In a report Wednesday that tests more than 200 vehicles, an environmental group says this off-gasing of chemicals is notably lower in some cars such as the Honda Civic ,Toyota Prius and Honda CR-Z.

Overall, there’s good news. Cars are reducing their use of toxic chemicals, and the best have eliminated hazardous flame retardants and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), according to the fourth consumer guide on the topic by the nonprofit, Ann Arbor-Mich. based Ecology Center…

But it’s the dose that makes the poison and there is no evidence that anyone has been harmed by new car smell.

Read the entire report.

One thought on “USA Today: ‘Most and least toxic cars? Tests rank 200 models’”

  1. The most toxic chemical found in automobiles is ethanol, and we all remember how the ban on that worked out, don’t we? Over 10,000 dead EVERY YEAR.
    I’m still waiting to see the first coroner’s report detailing the cause of death as “exposure to flame retardant” or “PVC poisoning.”

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