Trade press reverses course on Gleick

E&E Publishing now considers Peter Gleick a thief not a “warrior.”

In a report on “Deniergate” earlier today, E&E Publishing’s Greenwire ran the following headline:

Scientist who leaked Heartland documents is a well-known political warrior.

But E&E Publishing’s late-afternoon publication E&E News PM changed the headline to:

Scientist resigns leadership posts after stealing, leaking documents.

One thought on “Trade press reverses course on Gleick”

  1. The left is doing a typical pineapple and tomato comparison. In Climategate, an insider leaked documents from computers that were paid for with taxpayer dollars so no reasonable claim to privacy could be invoked regarding their research which was also paid for by taxpayers. Any and all emails were and are public domain. No one committed identity theft to leak the emails. In the Heartland case, Gleick assumed the identity of a Heartland staffer, broke into their computer, then distributed confidential material from a privately funded organization and spread a forgery in order to try to smear Heartland. No one phonied or forged the climate hysterics emails, they couldn’t have done a better job of discrediting the AGW KoolAid Club if they did though. There is no right for the public to peruse the internal documents of a private organization. The public does have a right to scrutinize the work of taxpayer funded scientists and their communications on government owned computers. It is ironic that throughout history when we think of corruption, government 1st comes to mind. Yet with Climate Change, unless you are in the pocket of an agenda oriented bureaucrat, you are considered corrupt. These guys make Orwell look like an amateur. Newspeak rules!

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