Gleick to stay at Pacific Institute

In the name of “social equity”…

The Pacific Institute stated today:

February 21, 2012


We at the Pacific Institute are aware of Dr. Peter Gleick’s apology and actions related to the Heartland Institute. For 25 years, the Pacific Institute has been committed to conducting research that advances environmental protection, economic development, and social equity and Dr. Gleick has been and continues to be an integral part of our team. Our organization remains focused on our mission of creating a healthier planet and sustainable communities.

7 thoughts on “Gleick to stay at Pacific Institute”

  1. Perfect! This won’t last, but it’ll be fun while it does. The story is still developing. Eventually, the damage to the Pacific Institute will be too much.

  2. Reminiscent of the Penn St. Directors investigation of Michael Mann. Look at the amount of research $$ he brought in and claimed “no foul”. Always follow the money.

  3. Essentially they said it is ok to break the law as long as you agree with our agenda. Typical leftist nonsense right out of Marx and his followers. No lie to big, just so long as you further the cause. What is really scary is that the guy in the White House is smarter, well more clever, than Marx.

  4. I thought Gleick was a co-founder of the Pacific Institute. If that’s right no wonder they’re not letting him go. HE’S not letting himself go. Whatever. As James Anna, warmy numpty has stated, Glieck is a t–t.

  5. Gleick has admitted he committed a criminal act and the Pacific Institute comes out and backs him. Crime pays. Says a lot about the organization.

  6. Will he still run their ethics department? What an upstanding progressive organization. These people are nothing more than the epitome of Ayn Rands moochers and looters, despicable scumbags all. Glieck is a liar and a thief.

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