Steve Zwick: ‘Why Gleick Was Right To Leak the Docs’

Zwick says the skepticism is “like graffiti – something a slacker can ‘create’ in a matter of seconds, but which a gainfully employed man needs hours to erase.”

About Gleick, Zwick writes:

… A good man, frustrated by years of obfuscation and distortion, tricked a secretive organization into sending him documents that were circulating widely within the group, showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Heartland is part of a global PR campaign to discredit climate science and delay action that could help 99.9% of the people on the planet, albeit at the expense of Heartland’s paymasters…

Read the entire screed.

2 thoughts on “Steve Zwick: ‘Why Gleick Was Right To Leak the Docs’”

  1. The candidates for the nomination to the 2012 Republican ticket for President spend millions each in a single state to sway opinion. How could a $25,000 donation by the Koch foundation make a significant difference in anything. And PR campaigns would not explain the letter to the Wall Street Journal signed by 16 prestigious guys. Certainly Climate Science is not certain.

    By the way, the Koch foundation sponsored for PBS a terrific documentary on evolution, which film included pictures of the beautiful Darwin finches.

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