David Suzuki: ‘It’s time that climate-change deniers were exposed’

If Michael Mann can sue Tim Ball in Canada for libel, Heartland ought to have a case against David Suzuki as well.

Suzuki writes at Straight.com:

The Heartland documents show that the organization is using its taxpayer-supported status to spread lies and misinformation.

David, please indicate where in the documents it shows that Heartland is spreading “lies and misinformation.”

Read Suzuki’s screed.

Click for Tim Ball’s legal defense fund.

3 thoughts on “David Suzuki: ‘It’s time that climate-change deniers were exposed’”

  1. Yeah, Suzooki, Let’s burn-up your time in court,–let’s let you “rumble”, –My Climate reality with your computer-generated hysteria, imo, so your lies, imo, and inaccuracies, imo, can be revealed for EVERYBODY to examine. Then you’re really going to be “validated”, right?

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