SciAm’s Fischetti: Gleick ‘unethically released’ Heartland’s documents

No, Mark. They were stolen from Heartland.

Mark Fischetti’s Scientific American article “The Peter Gleick Incident: All Heat and No Light” is subtitled “Will the unethical release of documents from the controversial Heartland Institute undermine climate science?”

4 thoughts on “SciAm’s Fischetti: Gleick ‘unethically released’ Heartland’s documents”

  1. I guess Gleick was legal in the release of some of the documents, considering he fabricated them. Still unethical, but legal.

    But the ones he stole… I see an orange jumper in his future (if there is any justice in this world).

  2. (un)Scientific (un)America has been a waste of trees for years now. They got infested with extreme libtard editorial board. I and many others dropped our subscriptions a long way back. Too bad. I used to really like it. Then it got stupid.

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